I’m a good ole’ southern girl, making her way up north, one winter at a time! Between raising four kids, working out when I feel motivated, and Netflix binges, I have turned what was once a hobby into a side hustle and a BLOG.

Being away from my family in the South meant lots of photo texts, video emails, and sending little snippets of our life. However, it felt incomplete! I began knitting the best of our moments together utilizing video editing software and incorporating new elements such as music, text overlays, and so on.

In 2018, I started this blog hoping to bridge the gap between YOUR moments by teaching YOU how to create one seamless video story, without the steep cost of hiring someone or buying expensive gear.​

My blog is meant to be a creative outlet and resource for others. It will hopefully teach YOU how to create cohesive visual storytelling through films, dynamic photographs, scrapbooks, photo books, blogging, and multiple other ways to keep YOUR legacy alive for future generations.

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