Finding peace in God

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I don’t know about you but sometimes I need to be reminded of the all powerful PEACE that comes only from knowing and trusting in God. Finding my peace in God takes time and deliberate actions through reading His word, studying HIS word, meditating on HIS word, and applying HIS promises to my daily life. In one evening, I sat down and hashed out a quick devotional from all the TRUTHS God was sharing with me on finding PEACE in God.

Why did I need to find peace rooted in God?

During the year of 2019, I faced an almost insurmountable obstacle in the form of an uncontrollable and indiscriminate enemy known as cancer. It took root in the center of my husband’s chest and shook us down to the core. The peace we had been learning to know and trust in God was tested during these dark months.

When disaster strikes where do YOU run to escape the storm?

I would be lying if I said there was no grief in my heart but my peace??? It was rock solid! As was my husband’s faith after each and every test he was smiling and sharing God’s Word with each and every person he came in contact with.

Why go to God for peace?

The world has a way of creating noise around these hot topic words, such as peace, and twisting their meanings.

The world’s definition of peace left me feeling empty and wanting. It didn’t provide a quietness of wholeness deep inside of my heart, mind, and soul. It was a matter of fact definition that wasn’t fulfilling.

The BIBLE is MY compass for finding truth and meaning in words like peace, joy, grace, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, freedom, discipline, and life in general. It sharpens my heart by sanctifying it through creating a sturdy cornerstone to stand.

How would you define peace in your own words?

Finding Peace in God Devotion

To help YOU find PEACE rooted in God, I have created a simple and beautiful hand-crafted Bible Study devotional to aid you in digging deeper into HIS promises during difficult storms.


BELOW, you will find an easy sign-up form. Provide your name and email THEN you will receive the devotional in your email inbox ALONG with the password to my vault of other handy-dandy handcrafted items – all for your pleasure!

1. Tools

#1 A Bible! You will need to be able to find all the verses referenced in the guide so a BIBLE is a necessity.

You can read my post all about Bible Reading Apps here.

#2. A printer. The devotional is a PDF file that will need to be printed. I have used and recommend both of these:

#3 A PDF Viewer. If you do NOT have access to a printer, you can view the devotional and add notes to the PDF using smartphone applications or use the FREE Adobe Acrobat viewer.

Here is the PRO VERSION for Adobe Acrobat Viewer.

2. Scriptures

Here is a quick reference to ALL of the verses mentioned in the Devotional.

3. Instructional Video

COMING SOON! I am going to record myself going through the devotional step by step so we can both find peace rooted in GOD through fellowship!

Leave a comment below, if you are interested in more devotionals, bible studies, and/or technology related videos to help you grow and be intentional with your tech.

Thank you so much for following along! Have a wonderful week!

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Hi, I'm Holly.

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