Over 20 gift ideas for the Man of the House that encourage, inspire, and educate

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Are gifts really a necessity today? Well, if you are anything like us, then maybe yes. According to the book, Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, my husband and I fill our love tanks up with quality time and physical touch. However, when parents are busy washing dishes, doing laundry, and/or climbing the corporate ladder those “love languages” are hard to come by. So we have started to compensate here and there with gifts. Gifts that truly enhance and enrich our lives by showing love and support for our loved ones through gifts that bring them joy through encouragement, inspiration, and education.

Also, we give gifts for sentimental reasons ANY TIME of the year 🙂 Here are my top 20+ gift ideas for the faith-based, techy, non-techy, griller, and all-around sport-loving DAD in your life. I hope you find some inspiration and gift-giving ideas.

(P.S. Since I adore technology, faith, and family-based activities my gift ideas revolve around those ideas and what my actual husband would enjoy or already possesses.)

Faith Gift Ideas

Scripture for Faith-Based Fathers – Every day your loved one heads to work for a grinding 6-8 hours (maybe even more like mine) AWAY from his family. How can you help him stay focused on what matters most? How to keep his heart, mind, soul, and strength envigorated with love, peace, joy, and happiness as he manages the workday? An inspirational Coffe Mug!

My husband recently realized that it is more enjoyable to consume his coffee from a coffee mug vs the metal traveler mugs. DaySpring has so many wonderful options! Maybe you would like to encourage your man of the house with a matching picture frame of the family in addition to a very masculine mug. Check out this bundle that will be sure to put a smile on your husband’s face.

Bundle with Frame with a matching picture frame

Also, my husband has really started deepening his faith through intentional Bible reading and books.

We both own and use this Bible . We love the NIV version and this one has amazing commentary including a side panel full of questions. It provides answers along with cross-references (please consider buying a used version to save you $$$).

More spiritual encouragement:

My husband listens to and reads books from multiple Biblical authors.

Michael Youssef — >> We have enjoyed Saving Christianity and The Leadership Style of Jesus.

Ravi Zacharias –>> Books on our wishlist are The Grand Weaver and The Logic of God.

My husband also benefited from this Bible Study and moved through the different books such as Milk, Meat, and Bread, as he grew in his faith. (Not an affiliate, we just genuinely loved this series for the new believer.)

Tech Gift Ideas

Tech for Techy Fathers – Father’s climbing the corporate ladder and accomplishing goals need tools like efficient and reliable smartphones that enable them to conquer the day.

My husband and I both buy unlocked Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Active S7 because …

(1) Older versions work fine, (2) older versions are cheaper than the newest versions, and (3) the Active is more durable with rubber sides, gorilla glass, and water-resistant.

Buying an unlocked phone like this means you can operate them on a budget-friendly month-to-month plan like Wal-Mart’s Straight Talk service – we have been using Straight Talk for years and have been highly satisfied. However, very rural areas may not be covered – PLEASE CHECK YOUR AREA before purchasing a plan.

Speaking of the day, how about alarm clocks that energize you and your smartphones so you wake up more alert and energized! This alarm clock has a gradual light feature that mimics the rising sun along with natural sounds that are proven to help you wake more rested PLUS it has a USB outlet located on the back that charges your phone!

Sport Gift Ideas

Fitness and Sports Fans – In this household we do baseball and football! So let’s not rule out jerseys for your loved one’s favorite team and player. You may want to consider a course for them to become the best little league baseball coach in the county! (Not an affiliate link just a resource my husband was gifted.)

Baseball Course

Also, with the coronavirus quarantine, men who enjoyed their gym time may be needing an outlet for fitness. Kettlebells are an amazing and versatile piece of equipment that builds strength. A TRX system is also very helpful and adjusts to YOUR fitness level. YouTube has had a flood of new tutorials that will help you find easy DIY exercises to use with kettlebells or the TRX.

YouTube Tutorial for Kettlebells – Example

Outdoor Gift Ideas

Outdoor Enthusiasts – The Summer months are upon us and the grill is open for business. Having a reliable meat thermometer means you will always have safe and edible meat to serve the family. Perhaps, you want to take the family for a beach vacation. I recommend a wagon (FYI, Aldi’s had one for $40) for the sandy shores, coolers for the tasty treats, and bluetooth speakers for music are always helpful for the fun-loving Dad.

If your man loves the outdoors and has a creative spin, he may enjoy a durable camera like a GoPro.

More of a leisure walker than a marathon runner? How about a bird-watching camera like this DSLR with a telephoto lens to capture the wildlife?

Happy Father’s Day FREE Activities

In summary, these are gift ideas that I have bought, used, and/or recommend. Happy Father’s Day!

Before you go!

Here are a few more ideas to celebrate the day with or without gifts!

  • Plan a picnic in the great outdoors. Bring fishing poles or a good book to enjoy the rest and solitude.

  • Maybe your special someone enjoys his space. Provide him with an afternoon free to nap, catch up on his hobby, or spend it whatever way he would like!

  • Family man? Create a family fun night! Pick his favorite family-friendly movie, popcorn, order pizza, and board games like “Risk” that will provide the whole family an evening to enjoy.

  • Create a scavenger hunt that challenges Dad and the kids to go outside and explore for hours! Make it even more interesting by using scriptures as the clues. It is a great game changer if you have teenagers who need that added level of intensity.

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Thank you so much for following along! Have a wonderful week!

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