Over 50 different ways to use Amazon Alexa with your children

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Due to the recent school closings and endless time at home, here is a list of 50+ ways to use your Amazon Alexa smart speaker to break the boredom and introduce some fun into your day. Here are some resources to find inventive ways to interact with your Amazon Alexa:


01  |  15 Things Your Kids Will Love About Amazon Alexa and Google Home

The suggestion to play games led us down a path of interactive fun for 30 minutes. My children mostly enjoyed the “Animal Game” and Alexa guessed at least 10 different animals with my 8-year-old son before moving onto the next activity.


02  |  20 Alexa games to keep your kids busy

The “Chompers” podcast is a great way to get your children to brush their teeth while the “Kids Court” seems like it would be a humorous way to deal with meltdowns and disagreements between siblings but exercise caution – it is just a game.

03  |  50 funny things to ask Alexa: Jokes, trivia and more

These questions will keep you and Alexa busy for at least a good 30 minutes. The kids enjoyed her comment about her weight and if she knew Siri.


04  |  The Ultimate List of Things Your Kids Can Ask Amazon Alexa

Alexa, open the Magic Door” was a great resource and my son went through two options that lasted around 10 minutes total. He enjoyed the stories and sat mesmerized the whole time with a few giggles.


05  |  Amazon Alexa Skills

Do not forget that Amazon is also a great resource for finding more “skills” and new games for the Smart Speaker or Home Assistant. You will also be able to disable and enable games or skills on your personal home assistant before you interact with it and your children. Also, you should download the Alexa App onto your smartphone to remotely operate your smart speaker to make calls, announcements, set timers, and make routines. It has been a great resource in our home since the #1 thing we use Alexa for is praise music blasting a solid volume 10 almost all day long.

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